Timothy Richards

VP Marketing

 A former C.P.A. who is now semi-retired living on the beach, Mr. Richards became irritated by the lack of information provided by "so called" financial gurus.Mr. Richards began investing in penny stocks at the age of 26 as a hobby.  
Timothy Richards
After graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of science in Accounting, Timothy Richards sought out a more thrilling fufillment in his profession than just prcacticing Tax Consulting and Forensic Accounting as a C.P.A. In 1992 he founded Bluesky Enterprises with the intent of becoming an all around consultant for the wealthy South Floridian clients he had. By 1999, his consulting service had blossomed in conjunction with the internet and his consulting services had reached all four corners of the continental United States and a handful of Intenrational clients.

Having invested most of his money into well-known internet companies that survived the tech crash, his passion to find the best of anything for each client took him abroad where he began to travel to Asia more and more frequently. While in Asia during the crash of 1997, he took a liking to writing his experiences into a journal. As the years passed and his need for income became less dependant due to his investment decisions, Timothy decided to take a two week vacation which would change his life.

On September 9, 2001, he boarded a plane from Miami enroute to Bangkok, Thailand to visit some clients he had established while on his trips to Asia in the 90's. Upon his arrival, his first night in the Emporium Suites Hotel was spent watching the horrofic events on television which would change the way we live for eternity.

As the stock markets remained closed and the dust began to settle, emails were flowing continously into his inbox asking for advice on what to do with their investments. Since international travel into the U.S. was banned for one month after the event, Timothy was forced to conduct his consulting services via the internet and telephone which opened a gateway for him to be able to be there while being away.

Timothy spent the next 8 years travelling around all parts of Asia and Europe where he learned how to fluently speak four languages and met his wife Elizabeth. His passion and commitment to forensic accounting never left him as, unlike in the days before the internet, he was able to have access to company's financial information online and thus continue to pick and choose good investments for his clients while living abroad.

In yet another smart business move, Timothy, his wife and two children, filed for all the required documentation to allow for them to move to the U.S. and he purchased a $1.8 million house in West Palm Beach, FL for $380,000 cash when the housing market was at its all-time low.

Today, Timothy lives on the beach where he has never lost his passion for finding good investments for people and enjoys contributing his insight on company's, especially undervalued and startup companies. He is an avid volumteer for charity work and very passioante about habitat for humanity as well as a volunteer teacher for people taking English as a second language. He admits that he may not be able to change the world but he can make a difference one penny at a time.
Timothy Richards
VP Marketing
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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Areas of Expertise:
Financial Statement Preparation and Interpretation
Retirement and Tax Planning
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