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 Brace Barber is a leading Christian Apologetics Speaker and Church Turnaround Consultant. Brace speaks and consults to Churches and organizations who are seeking to raise confident Christians. 
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Brace speaks to organizations of all sizes including: Congregations, Conferences, Men’s Ministries, Retreats.

Brace brings his message of hope along with step-by-step instructions to churches, parents and organizations in order retain our youth in the Christian faith. Brace is challenging commonly held assumptions about Christian youth education in exciting and new ways. As a former Army Captain, West Point Graduate and Army Ranger School graduate, he brings a military-strategist mindset to the problem of the massive loss of youth from the Christian Church and opening people’s eyes to fresh insights, analysis and solutions to solve the problem. The results of his work are encouraging and his presentations inspiring.

Brace’s strategy is centered on the simple truth that if you don’t ask, you don’t know. Amazingly, if you do ask, you do know. Find out how Brace uses this premise in the design of powerful curriculum, and learn how you can do the same on any topic. Discover what has been missing from Christian youth education for a generation and how making easy adjustments can transform your students’ lives.

Brace’s goal is to give pastors and parents the insights and tools to educate kids so that they can impact the world instead of having the world impact them. Brace speaks to organizations of all sizes including: Congregations, Conferences, Men’s Ministries, Retreats. Schedule Brace for your group now.

Brace Consults to Organizations
Brace walks organizations through the planning, development and support building steps necessary to implement his methods for the maximum effectiveness.

How much control do you have over what is taught in your Sunday school classes? Most leadership teams select a curriculum that they like and ride along with whatever the curriculum says. What if you could control the content that your students are getting and focus it in a way that builds confident Christians. That's what Brace helps you do.
Brace E. Barber
Apologetics Speakers



Nashville, Tennessee
United States

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Apologetics Speakers
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