Ivana Claire Chubbuck

Founder & Director

Ivana Chubbuck Studios

 Ivana Chubbuck is the founder and director of the Ivana Chubbuck Studio and creator of the cutting edge and widely adopted Chubbuck Technique. 
Ivana Chubbuck is the founder and director of the Ivana Chubbuck Studio and creator of the cutting edge and widely adopted Chubbuck Technique. She maintains a focus on producing and nurturing working actors in a rigorous professional environment. It is her mission to empower our students with the tools to become successful and to make dynamic, empowered choices in their work. Virtually every year Ivana’s students are well represented at the Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys, and many other international awards. For the 2006 Academy Awards Ivana’s students were nominated in every acting category: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. Ivana works one-on-one with more than 100 of Hollywood’s premiere stars, directors and writer/producers.

In October of 2004 Penguin Books published Ivana’s book, The Power of the Actor. The book became an instant success, spending weeks on the Los Angeles Times top ten Bestsellers List. For more than a year it was the number one selling book about acting at Barnes and Noble. Currently her book is being adopted for use as a textbook in many colleges and universities across the country, as well as having been translated into a number of languages around the world, including Spanish, Hebrew, Romanian, Italian, Danish, Russian, Turkish, and soon to be Japanese, Chinese, and Greek.

Ivana has also been a guest master teacher at The Juilliard School of Drama in New York, teaching a selected group of premiere fourth year students. She has also taught workshops around the world, including Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, England, Israel, Canada, Italy, Russsia, Romania, Germany, Philippines, Norway, Chile, etc.

Ivana Chubbuck was honored by The Russian International Film Festival (she is of Russian decent) with a lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the film industry alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, William Friedkin, and Francis Ford Coppola.

She has been featured in numerous articles in such national publications as The New York Times, Vanity Fair, People, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Paris Vogue, Portugal N’Style, GQ, Premiere, Grazia Magazine, The London Times, The London Guardian, Yedioth, Elle, Australian Herald Sun, Sydney Sunday Telegraph, Hollywood Reporter/Daily Variety, New York Post, Politiken, Parade, and Movieline, as well as in periodicals in Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, France, Israel, Denmark, The Netherlands, Mexico, South America, Turkey, Romania, Poland and Spain. Ivana has also been profiled on television shows such as: “Entertainment Tonight”, Flash- TV, MTV, “Today Show Australia”, Israel’s Channel 2 News, KTLA Morning show, Denmark’s Aloha, Holland’s “Jensen!”, CBC, NPR, Germany’s RTL, “Russia Today”, “Eleni -Greece”, VH-1, E! and the BBC.
Ivana Claire Chubbuck
Founder & Director
Ivana Chubbuck Studios
Ivana Chubbuck Youth


Hollywood, California
United States

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