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 Albert Kaufmann is the Licensed Publisher and Owner of Gladiator Publishing Company. With 13 years of experience and Two Published Novels, Marketing experience, and an innovative mindset. He is sure to raise the bar for all competition. 
Flexibility is the core characteristic needed to succeed as a Writer. I do not particularly categorize the word as a trait or skill because, for us, it is deeper than that. If you are unable to twist words to captivate a reader, shift your schedule around life's demands, bend some rules, mold to your customers' needs, or form around the ever-changing freelance market, and still maintain a strong sense of structure, well then don't write for a living.

These may seem like harsh words, but for those who have lived through the hardships which Writers endure, it is as accurate as it can get. When a man or woman decides to Write, they take on the responsibility of an Entrepreneur and are now expected to maintain the same standard as a Brick-and-Mortar shop. As a Writer, I have won a slew of various awards for Essays, Poetry, Contest Entries, and have two Publications ('The Trail of Trials' and 'Words and War') to my credit.

Though my career began as a Wordsmith, it has moved on to the world of Publishing. As the Co-Owner and Globally Registered Publisher of Gladiator Publishing Company est. 1920, I have had a great deal of experience reading and targeting a market for online sales. My understanding of the importance of Google Rankings and SEO Optimization Techniques, mixed with a Branding Growth Platform that has worked well, others have taken notice. DexMEDIA-YP recognized gladiator Publishing as the "#1 Competitive Publishing Service in New York for Excellence in Customer Satisfactory and all areas Publishing " - YP

My marketing strategies have helped build my Company a respectful reputation among our Authors. As a startup, I have learned Web, Logo, and Advertisement designing. This has helped cut unnecessary costs and raise my capital for targeted Mail Campaigning such as for our last publication 'Literarily Lost.' Our previous subscription campaign landed us over the 50K mark.
Albert Kaufmann
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Seneca, Missouri
Joplin, Missouri
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