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 Sophia Sargeant works hard as Teen Ambassador to prote diversity within the industry! 
SophiaSargeant | Teen Ambassador for MOD
My name is Sophia Francesca Sargeant. I'm a unique mixed race 15year old teen, with Asian, English andSwiss-Italian blood. I'm currently at secondary school studying GCSE Art, GCSE Textiles and GCSE French along with my core curriculum subjects. I'm both creative and intelligent as I'm very persistent and very ambitious. I have a magnetic character and a charismatic personality. I work hard and everything I do I bring personality to make it unique; I have a willingness to explore outside my comfort zone. I'm very persistent and accept challenges. I have a very caring personality as I have a strong love for animals and my family support animal charity, WSPA and PDSA along with Battersea Dogs Home. I also help to promote diversity within the industry by working as teen ambassador for Models of Diversity.

Puberty is a period of several years in which rapid physical growth and psychological changes occur, culminating in sexual maturity. The average onset of puberty is at 10 for girls and age 12 for boys, which is a very young and innocent age. 10 - 12 year olds should be innocently playing sports in their school playground and accepting their physical changes as they mature without giving it a second thought. However, as I'm 15 year old teenager and have recently experienced these changes as well as view others go through same, I must admit, it's a very stressful/depressing time. As my body began to change I never really gave it much thought, as I was protected by my family and always encourage. I was frequently complemented when walking around Morrison's with my Nan or Sainsbury's with my Mum, that I had beautiful natural black hair, due to my Indian inheritance. Many older teenagers also commented on my tanned skin, wishing how even in the winter they could be as tanned. I never understood why older teens were so fascinated. Obviously as I am a few years older, I now understand.

During my last year of primary school I used to frequently buy 'Shout' magazines. As these were for our age group I never really noticed much in the models, as they were about 14, and were your typical average girls. As I began to grow up I moved on to fashion magazines; viewing all the wonderful art which is enclosed in one book. The photography, the fashion, the artistic editing, the models... As I have a strong love for art I found these magazines absolutely amazing documents and began to frequently buy them. I later developed a love for fashion, however as we all know, along with fashion comes the models. I would examine each garment shown in the picture, however I couldn't help notice how the items just hung of the skinny models. Yes they were beautiful, but I didn't see much variation. Despite everyone being unique, I couldn't help but notice how they all had they same main features: Tall, skinny, defined cheekbones etc.

I began to hit my lowest when I realized I had absolutely no relation to their appearance what so ever. I soon began to get depressed. My hips were the largest in my class at school and so were my breasts. With reference to these magazines I realized they also have small breasts and a skinny figure with no hips. I felt I was an outcast. As I knew I couldn't change my breast or hip size because that was the way my body formed due to genes, I decided to change my overall appearance. My long glossy black hair went under extreme levels of peroxide and soon became blonde. My black eyeliner and mascara was swapped for light browns and my foundation was about 2-3 shades lighter then my natural skin tone... maybe even lighter. I thought that if I changed the way my face looked, and then maybe no one would notice my body.

Only 5 months ago I returned to my black hair, and black eye makeup, and only a few weeks ago did I get properly supplied with the correct foundation. I still get depressed with my appearance whenever I see someone beautiful with the opposite features, however I remember the compliments I get and the support I have from people very close to me. This is all due to my teen changes and the influence of models. I am not alone. I know many teenagers who are victims of how little diversity within the modelling industry affects teenagers.
Sophia Sargeant
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