Umar Hameed


Management Team

 Umar is an expert in changing human behavior. He is an Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) 
Umar Hameed is the founder and president of Productivity Cubed, an international consulting firm, specializing in empowering organizations and individuals to realize their full potential. At the heart of his work, is a concept that the beliefs an organization, an individual, or a team hold have an impact on the results achieved.

Umar is a highly sought after speaker who has captivated audiences on 4 continents. Umar says, “It’s the results that count, everything else is just talk. All too often corporations mistake doing for accomplishing”.

In Umar’s diverse career he has launched 4 companies, so he knows first hand the challenges a CEO faces. In 1995 when Umar ran a technology company he was invited to the Whitehouse to give a technology briefing on how to use technology to win the election.

Umar is an NLP instructor and master practitioner and has worked with thousands of private clients to help them let go of their self-imposed limitations. This hands-on experience has made him an expert on the human experience. He uses this deep understanding of the human condition coupled with his business acumen to work with organization to get exceptional results. Where other consultants tell you what to do, Umar shows you how.

Umar’s first two products, Transcending Stress and Team Realignment are being sold on 3 continents. He is currently working on his latest project, The Breakthrough, a DVD course that teaches people how to break-free of their limitations to achieve exceptional results.
Umar Hameed
Management Team
Productivity Cubed



One Village Square, suite 155

Baltimore, Maryland
United States

Areas of Expertise:
Team Dynamics
Keynote Motivational Speaker
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