Hadleigh Fischer

Founder & Director

 Hadleigh Fischer is the Founder & Director of Resilience Agenda - a growing start-up with the bold vision to change the meaning of mental health. Hadleigh is passionate about getting people to think of Mental Health like they do their Physical Health. 
Hadleigh Fischer is a person who loves people rather than spreadsheets, and like John Naisbett believes that the most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century won't come from technology, but from an expanding concept of what it means to be human. To him this means a greater focus on developing great relationships, finding insights that lead to a well-lived life, and expanding the traditional definition of success.

After years wanting to make a difference and change the world around me (whilst working in HR & Recruitment), he decided his 'Why' was staring at me all these years. He has been fortunate enough to be able to support people experiencing mental ill-health and life challenges for ages, and finally decided that its something he loves, it's something he knew a little about, and it's something he can offer the world.

So he decided to start a product focused business dedicated to helping people improve their Mental and Emotional Well-being. He's the Founder and Director of Resilience Agenda - a fast-growing health and lifestyle business dedicated to spreading the message of 'Mental Fitness.' What's 'Mental Fitness'? The idea that we should proactively look after our Mental and Emotional Health just like our Physical Health. In the process, he is changing the way people think about and understand mental health and well-being.

To do that, Resilience Agenda makes high-quality and stylish stationery, lifestyle and gift products which 'nudge' people into better Mental and Emotional well-being and advance the Mental Health awareness conversation with a radical new approach.

In his spare time, he's an avid Collingwood supporter, voracious reader of practical philosophy, wanna-be guitarist, and curious traveler having been fortunate enough to visit over 75 countries around the world. He is also grateful to include in his network of friends and mentors some of Melbourne and Switzerland's most inspiring business-people, entrepreneurs and social leaders.
Hadleigh Fischer
Founder & Director
Resilience Agenda


Melbourne, Victoria

Areas of Expertise:
Mental Health
Positive Psychology
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