Mark A.B. Garstin

Chief Technology Officer


 He has over 30 years experience in numerous industries such as medical diagnostics, military surveillance, electronic financial transactions, industrial control, biological research, virtual reality and telecommunications.  
Mr. Garstin started his career at Westinghouse Canada, (1982)-(1987) as a Designer of embedded Firmware in military sonar systems. Since 1987 Mr. Garstin has worked at several companies in the capacity of both a Hardware and Software engineer, as a full time employee and on contract on a wide range of projects covering many different industries. Throughout his career, Mr. Garstin has authored a number of industry white papers on various topics in engineering processes and data encryption techniques for embedded processing systems.

In 1975 Mr. Garstin won the Philips Young Scientist of the Year Award for all of Canada for his designs for a digitally generated evenly tempered synthesizer keyboard. In 1987, Mr. Garstin received an Engineering Achievement Award for exceptional technical expertise on his designs for an automated submarine detection and tracking system. In 2001 Mr. Garstin received an Engineering Achievement Award for his designs of a SIP based telephony system. In 2002 Mr. Garstin was granted a patent for data encryption of streaming audio media in a telephony environment.

In 1992, Mr. Garstin founded SDI Virtual Reality Corporation (SDI) where he served on the Board of Directors and as VP of Engineering. The company was founded on designs developed by Mr. Garstin for a revolutionary VR system that could be used for theme park amusement centre’s and R&D projects that required 3 dimensional images for visualization. Mr. Garstin is currently working on the designs for an anthropomorphic robot whose cognition engine (A.I.) is based on actual nerve pathways in the human brain combined with the algorithms that were originally developed at SDI for generating and empowering the VR environments Mr. Garstin served as the President of the Mathematics Society at the University of Waterloo in 1986. Mr. Garstin currently is the CTO for The Pleiades Group of Seven.

The types of projects that Mr. Garstin has worked on include:
• Automated submarine detection and tracking for NATO
• 3D rendering for medical CAT scan imaging devices
• Industrial controllers for factories and off-shore oil platforms
• Virtual Reality Simulators
• Military training simulators
• Debit terminals
• Cable modems
• Telephones and VoIP systems
• Data encryption and security systems
• Real-time video processing systems
• Gene splicing and sequencing equipment
• RAID controllers

Mr. Garstin has a Bachelor of Independent Studies from the University of Waterloo, (1982). His program’s curriculum included Computer Science (specializing in Computer Graphics) and Neuroscience (specializing in Functional Neuroanatomy and Human Perception). His passions, however, are in nuclear and molecular physics as well as astronomy, neuroscience and artificial intelligence.
Mark A.B. Garstin
Chief Technology Officer
The Pleiades Group of Seven




Burnaby, British Columbia

Areas of Expertise:
Data Encryption
Human Perception
Sound Theory
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