Steven J Hummel

Managing Partner


 This job is the perfect combination of navigating The Starship Enterprise and shoveling coal as fast as I can.  
Steven Hummel was the owner/manager of a computer support company when one of his programmers showed him a concept. Steve immidiately saw the potential and within weeks had written the business plan for YourAreaCode.

Steve is ex-military and a successful entrepreneur educated and experienced in everything from "blowing things up spectacularly" to re-assembling things in minute detail. In addition to building “the greatest company to ever rock the planet” (his own words) he is a dedicated father and grandfather and is in training for his first marathon. .

YourAreaCode is a marketing and advertising company selling monthly service packages designed to provide businesses with the tools necessary to market themselves in a digital economy and a constantly evolving technical environment. Our company focuses but doesn’t limit itself on a technology called “Wexting™”, which allows our clients to simultaneously update their entire web presence through custom designed Web Widgets (a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation and draw on Internet data-bases to display the information so a web-browser does not need to be used) and send text messages to from one convenient and easy-to-use digital interface. YourAreaCode’s niche offering is that it provides the technology and the marketing tools (Websites, widgets, promotional materials, viral marketing through social networking, messaging, training, support and more) through a single source. The company’s unique and comprehensive offerings set it apart from the competition.
Steven J Hummel
Managing Partner




3230 Broadmoor SE
Suite C
Grand Rapids, Michigan
United States

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