William Whitmire


Web Development/Executive

 Mr. William Whitmire began building the foundation of what was to become the foundation of YourAreaCode in 2006. In 2007, he met Steve Hummel and together they formed YourAreaCode. Mr. Whitmire directs the web development department. 
William Whitmire III grew up in construction, but, one day on a job site, he looked in the dispassionate eyes of the 55 year-old foreman. Impulsively, he quit that day and enrolled at ITT Technical Institute full time. To make ends meet, he worked at night as a DJ. Bill knew he had to be able to bring many people into a venue to make money and soon found it necessary to combine the, then new, social networking power of sites such as MySpace with emerging SMS Text Messaging technology to pack them in. After scouring the internet and not finding such a product, he decided to develop the technology himself. Bill stopped consulting, quit DJ-ing, and focused on designing, building and selling YourAreaCode (YAC) to local businesses. After a year, Bill had depleted all of his savings and had his first child. Faced with the reality of supporting his new family, he abandoned his dream, went back to consulting and YAC was pushed aside.
A defining moment in the life of YAC came when Bill met with Steve’s partners about web design work for their clients and he met Steve for the first time. Bill mentioned YAC to Steve’s partners but they were uninterested. Steve was fascinated and, a few weeks later, he contacted Bill and asked for more information about YAC. Bill presented YAC to Steve and they formed a partnership then and there, each suspending his own current work to pursue the idea of YAC full time. Living and funding their fledgling company on personal savings, it soon was apparent that there was much to be done and their money would not be enough. If they wanted to keep YAC afloat, they would need investors. Thus, Steve researched and pitched several potential investors, but no one seemed to understand the potential. On a whim, Steve contacted an old computer support client, Orlando Stevenson of SPEC International. Steve and Bill met with Orlando and showed him the technology. Within 24 hours, Orlando called and pledged his financial support in return for ownership and YourAreaCode was poised to thrive.

YourAreaCode is a marketing and advertising company selling monthly service packages designed to provide businesses with the tools necessary to market themselves in a digital economy and a constantly evolving technical environment. Our company focuses but doesn’t limit itself on a technology called “Wexting™”, which allows our clients to simultaneously update their entire web presence through custom designed Web Widgets (a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation and draw on Internet data-bases to display the information so a web-browser does not need to be used) and send text messages to from one convenient and easy-to-use digital interface. YourAreaCode’s niche offering is that it provides the technology and the marketing tools (Websites, widgets, promotional materials, viral marketing through social networking, messaging, training, support and more) through a single source. The company’s unique and comprehensive offerings set it apart from the competition.
William Whitmire
Web Development/Executive




3230 Broadmoor SE
Suite C
Grand Rapids, Michigan
United States

Areas of Expertise:
Web Development
web design
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