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 American author J.C. Vintner believes we are part of a much larger picture, and by thoroughly researching our past we may discover an even deeper spiritual significance to our existence.  
J.C. Vintner is an active researcher of fringe sciences such as Ancient Mysteries, the Paranormal, Ufology, Cryptozoology and Unexplained Phenomena. A lot of his time is spent digging into the past in attempt to discover hidden truths about our ancestors, how their legendary stories are affecting the modern world, and writing about what he finds to share with the world.

Over the years J.C. Vintner has published several books and websites focusing on a basic belief claiming life is part of a much larger scale, and that it's crucial to follow a path of neutral perspective in order to understand philosophies and mysteries of mankind from multiple points of view. J.C. Vintner's research ultimately aims to inspire others to help discover the truths of humanity.

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J.C. Vintner
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