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 Learn tips on how an ex-Corporate America executive financially sustains her family in today’s bleak economy? 
Lay offs and downsizing has been a topic the United States working class would wish to be a thing of the past. However, only the presence of a wish seems to be lingering in the air. Beneath the dooming news being heard there is a woman who wants to share her tips on surviving this ailing economy.

Ex-corporate America Exec. is an authority on how-to-survive financially in today’s economy. Dale quotes “you do NOT have to loose your home to foreclosure because you received that pink slip”.

Single-handedly, this once 25 year + corporate executive and unmarried mother of 3 is miraculously being financially sustained in a deteriorating employment market. Dale Birdsong knows what it means to make “sweet lemonade out of lemons”. It is Dale’s passion to bring encouragement to people needing help on how-to-survive in today’s economy; by sharing her testimonies and giving life changing tips for jobless survival.
Astoundingly, her home hasn’t hit a foreclosure list and she has been away from the job market for the last year. Coupled with raising 3 teen/adult aged children with 2 currently attending high school. Dale is an entrepreneur, poet, comedienne, play writer and author. Dale uncannily humors her audiences with short skit comedy acts which effectively display the unhealthy decisions people are making today and how to turn them around. Dale is the voice of encouragement for those experiencing stress from the looming downturn of the economy, which are leaving so many in awe wondering how they are going to survive. With the reported increase in suicides, people are killing their families, and indulging in criminal acts which previous to this economical decline were not heard of by the ex-employed.

Dale’s story of hope delivers confidence and guides her listeners to the “light at the end of the tunnel. Graduate of Southern University and member of Zeta Phi Beta sorority is no stranger to the mic and camera. She has appeared on various local television shows in the Los Angeles area. News Cast and Co Host cable TV Show LA Inside Out. Powerful Keynote speaker, President of Toastmasters International and winner of various public speaking contests. Recipient of the Editors Choice Award by the International Library of Poetry for 3 consecutive years. Writes, edits, and produces theatrical productions.

Her 20 year old son recently quoted, “mom if everyone handled a layoff the way you did you would see smiles instead of tears”.

Dale was raised by her aunt Inez in the small town of Bastrop, Louisiana.

Dale has been blessed with the privilege to speak at several different churches and organizations such as Chubb Group of Insurance, Leaves of Healing Tabernacle, Mirror Image Enrichment Center, Calvary Baptist Church, House of Prayer, Universal Church of God In Action, Watts Family Festival, Mother Love Radio Talk Show, Mandie Cubit Ministries, Gene Williams/Sunji Ali Productions, Melodious Gospel Group, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Pasadena City College and the Los Angeles Book Expo to name a few; she has appeared on Spending a little time with Poetry, Literary Speak and The Yabba Television Show.

While struggling to raise three sons as a single parent, Dale cried out to God for help. As inspired by the Holy Spirit and based on the scripture II Kings 4:1-7, which speaks of the lady who was about to lose her sons because she didn't have enough money to pay her debts, Dale was inspired to start the ministry and business Anointed Gifts & Services.

The mission of Anointed Gifts and Services is to feed the hungry, visit the sick, clothe the naked and help the poor by creating employment, housing, setting up elderly care, and food banks from the sales of books, home décor, inspirational writings, bookmarks, encouragement CD’s, video’s, posters, pillows, tote bags, certificates, along with other products and services. In order to further the work of the Kingdom of God, a percentage of sales are donated.

Dale's first book was published in March of 2007, titled From the Mountaintop of God’s Love These Verses Flow. Her second book titled Hope is Alive was released on April 30, 2010 and is available for purchase at www.anointedgifts.net.

Dale recently started an encouragement blog and you tube series titled Everyday Inspiration and Encouragement with Dale Birdsong which can also be accessed through http://www.youtube.com/user/dalebirdsong. She is currently working on a series that challenges people to change their bad habits including their eating habits. Personal Assistant, Life Skills and Grant Writing were recently added to the company.

Dale is a member of Leaves of Healing Tabernacle located in Chatsworth, California.
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