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Public + Social Relations

 “BENEFICIENCE exists to coordinate, develop, position & execute best social business engagement activities for our VIP PROLIFIC PERSONAGE client culture with resplendent public relations industry performance.” ~ Tracey Bond, BENEFICIENCE PR Executive 
BENEFICIENCE Prolific Public + Social Relations is a new and emerging, subsidiary company of together with #BondGirl007eNewsRoom's digital VIP news media outlet; multi-branded ePRess publishing agency & #007PhDoTo Event+Press Photography booking vehicle serving social business intelligently - operated by "Worldwide Who's Who Multi-Branded Social Business Entrepreneur"​ Tracey Bond.

The NAME is BOND, Tracey Bond ★007★ ePRess Agent, & eNEWSRoom broadcasting, reporting, publishing 'outlet'​ my Social "PR"​ name-fame-claims. She carries without concealment: a Certified Social Media Golden eGUN that's "Licensed To Social Biz Thrill with the pro-skill of her digital eQuill!"​

Q: Is she Highly Recommended? A: If 2 US Presidents, 1 Ret. U.S Army General Colin Powell, 1 Illinois Governor, & 2-3 Chicago-DeKalb Mayors REQUESTED my ☆007☆'s intel: A "Who's Who!"​ Donald Trump Who's Who Professional...and a host of A-List dignitaries, celebrated personalities, et als., surely SHE must be. She helps others to so, serve & succeed with a harvest ROI for their well-purposed social brand/business purposes with EXCELLENCE!

Bond is best known today as an Internationally Accredited & Registered VIP Press Executive respected most for her accomplishments as a VIP authenticity, social business intelligence, and high business ethics among A-List Celebrities; Elite Executives from Chicagowood to Hollywood and beyond.

William Natale, Executive Regional Director of The Illinois Centers For Broadcasting (ICB) heralds Tracey Bond as a "Social Media Maven!"​ Bond operates her A*gent-007-assignments with intel in the shadows of success to establish missions and reach her niche-targeted market segments w/excellence.

She has earned a respectful 25-year deep online reputation + track record, not many FORTUNE 500 companies could lay claim to; & her golden girl ★007★ eGun contract is always hashtag-ready for social hire. Bond's impressive professional legacy of awards, service, published works, certifications, licensing & more may be accessed by connect.
BENEFICIENCE PR Prolific Personage
Public + Social Relations
BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage Public Relations



Beverly Hills, California
United States

Areas of Expertise:
public relations
Social Business
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