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Public Relations Consultancy & Management

 BENEFICIENCE.com, under the visionary stewardship of Tracey Bond, D. Litt, MPRL, stands at the vanguard of redefining excellence in the public relations sphere. 
At BENEFICIENCE.com Legacy PR, headquartered in the prestigious Beverly Hills and Oak Park, USA, our mission transcends borders, aiming to orchestrate, cultivate, and prominently position our distinguished VIP clients through unparalleled public relations strategies and performances. Under the visionary leadership of Tracey Bond, D. Litt, MPRL, we stand as a burgeoning entity within the BondGirl007PenTerprises.com family, synergistically aligned with #BondGirl007eNewsRoom. This integration offers a premier digital VIP news media outlet, a multifaceted ePRess publishing agency, and the exclusive #007PhDoTo Event+Press Photography service, all dedicated to serving the social business sphere with acute intelligence.

Tracey Bond, renowned as ★007★ ePRess Agent, embodies the essence of innovative and strategic public relations. Her prowess in eNEWSRoom broadcasting, coupled with her adeptness in social "PR" dynamics, has positioned her as a luminary in the field. Armed with her Certified Social Media Golden eGUN, Bond is "Licensed To Social Biz Thrill," wielding her digital eQuill with unmatched skill and finesse.

But why is Tracey Bond the epitome of public relations excellence? Esteemed by two US Presidents, revered by Ret. U.S Army General Colin Powell, cherished by an Illinois Governor, and sought after by multiple Chicago-DeKalb Mayors, her influence is undeniable. As a recognized figure in the Who's Who of Donald Trump's professional circle, alongside a roster of A-List dignitaries and celebrities, her expertise is both highly recommended and exceptionally celebrated.

Tracey Bond is internationally acclaimed, not only for her prowess as a VIP Press Executive but also for her genuine commitment to authenticity, social business intelligence, and ethical excellence across the globe—from Chicagowood to Hollywood. William Natale, Executive Regional Director of The Illinois Centers For Broadcasting (ICB), celebrates Bond as a "Social Media Maven," acknowledging her strategic operations behind the scenes that drive success and mission fulfillment within niche markets.

With a 25-year profound online reputation that rivals that of FORTUNE 500 companies, Bond's stellar professional legacy is evident through her numerous awards, publications, certifications, and accolades, all of which underscore her mastery and dedication to the field of public relations. Her portfolio, accessible via LINKEDIN.com, stands as a testament to her unparalleled service and commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

Tracey Bond's BENEFICIENCE.com Legacy PR not only defines the pinnacle of public relations but also embodies a legacy of leadership, innovation, and unmatched success in the realm of social business engagement.
Dr. Tracey LEGACY PR
Public Relations Consultancy & Management
Beneficience.com Legacy PR



Oak Park, Illinois
United States

Areas of Expertise:
public relations
media relations
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