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Jack Moss

With over 35 years of experience in marriage, 4 children and flirting with different professions; first as a real-estate agent, then as a musician/songwriter/singer, after that as spiritual book author, then as a trading and investment adviser and an online marketing entrepreneur, it is easy to comprehend that nature is the best teacher.

After years of study and military experience, the desire for an own family arose. The result was 4 children and a happy family with financial ups and downs. Having learned that adherence to truth (not to lie, steal or cheat) was the basic must to maintaining a clean conscience, life was pursued with the endeavor to make everyone happy.

Even so, like ocean waves, the financial experiences became extremely unreliable and the only remedy was to discover a huge wave and keep swimming upward.

Taking into consideration all the years of learning in secular schools and the military, it was easy to see they had nothing to offer but information that would, in time, become redundant in every-day life. Therefore, resorting to the knowledge and experience bestowed by the wise masters, during 12 years spent in India, brought about magical changes for the better. The practice of truthfulness as a 24/7 occupation attracted everything the heart desired.

On returning to western civilization, those pearls of wisdom began to unfold with each new wave and that was when money-matters began to resolve themselves. Money has to be purely earned in order to bring happiness. When money is purely acquired in abundance, without risking one's heath, both health and wealth combine towards promoting well-being and joy.

It is everyone's wish to achieve that materialistic status of independence and joy. But, in actuality, they who are detached and do not want it, but have it, are most worthy of putting it to the best use for the sake of helping uplift others in need.

An education in spiritual growth that balances well with a material existence is like knowing that you are not the body, but that the body is your vehicle through mundane 3D existence on this planet. It must be kept nourished with pure food and proper exercise to live out your desires before you leave.

Bad habits? Everyone has desires and addictions. So who's the boss? That cigarette or the smoker? The booze or the boozer? The idea of freedom is great when you think that you are the boss and that nothing can tempt you into slavery....and then she suddenly bumps into you and your pulsating heart drops into your trousers' private parts. True freedom is KNOWING that nothing can sway you from the path.

So, back to basics.....it can be said that living the truth is called "Veda" in Sanskrit. "Sanskrit" means, the totality of all that is, which emerged from primordial sound (Sama) described (Skritam). We can go very deep into these 2 syllables and write over 1 Million pages on them only to cover a mere fraction of all that can be labelled by name in this universe. But true Vedic scholars are only concerned with merging in the divine.

There is a Vedic proclamation that states, "The purpose of man is to merge in the God from Whom he emerged".

To make a long story short, those ocean waves never stop. Do they? The name of the game to real success is emerging from the water into pure air; like a fish makes its way onto land; like a human being makes his or her way into ether.

Yoga? Why not? Study all eight forms of Yoga and then decide which one to master.

Too fat? Take up no-strain weight loss programs. Slower, but sure to get you in shape.

Money? Even an inexperience kid can make money online with some of the latest step-by-step, push-button, one-click technologies.

All in all, even in today's international unemployment turmoil, those who want to work will find work. Rather than stand behind a burger counter, get online with a couple hundred dollars and you'll learn how to make enough money to retire in no time at all.

Logically speaking, it is much easier to climb Jacob's Ladder one step at a time in truthfulness than to keep rolling with the ocean waves. Why? Because, though Jacob's Ladder also has slippery steps, you can pick up from where you blew it and move up from there. In an ocean, you never know how long you can hold your breath before you drown.

Need some practical advice? The moral of this concept is quite simple. "Take off your diving flippers before you start climbing the ladder".

If you enjoyed reading this bio, start today. Truth and Love are Real.

Jack Moss

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Jack Moss
Trade, Investment, Holdings, Online Marketing
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