Louis S. Camilli

President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

 Lou is the developer/patent holder of the PULSTAR® technology and founder of the company. 
Formerly he was president of HDI Systems, Inc., the incubator for all of all technology commercialized by the company. Mr. Camilli is an entrepreneur and creative thinker, with extensive experience in developing business opportunity and commercial products from raw technology. He holds a BA in Mathematics, Texas A&M University and an Honorary Doctorate from the Mexican Ecological Movement for air quality work conducted in Mexico City. www.enerpulse.com

Enerpulse Incorporated, makers of Pulstar® Pulse Plugs, can provide the expertise you need when writing articles about the very latest in spark plug technology for any passenger car, light truck, SUV, hybrid, or fleet vehicle, along with motorcycle, ATV, RV/camper or
marine applications.

If you are writing an article on the North American automotive aftermarket, motorcycle or powersport industries, contact Enerpulse for knowledge and experience with:

• How engine calibrations can affect
the mixture of fuel and air to achieve
optimal fuel economy.

• Why pulse plugs are superior to spark
plug technology with documented evidence
of increased horsepower, higher torque,
and better fuel economy in independent
third party and internal testing.

• How Pulstar plugs provide up to 1,000,000
watts of power versus 50 watts from
average spark plugs.

• The latest trends on compressed natural natual
gas (CNG) vehicles and how pulse plug technology
can enhance the vehicle's performance.
Louis S. Camilli
President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Enerpulse, Inc.



Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States

Areas of Expertise:
spark plug technology
capacitors and pulse technology
sustainability and automotive aftermarket
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