Brent Curtis Jackson

President / Owner

 Brent has training in a variety of fields including sales, marketing, data recovery and more.... 
Before starting File Savers Data Recovery, Brent spent over 20 years learning sales and marketing skills. He started his sales career when he was 18 years old selling steak, chicken, pork and seafood door to door for Rocky Mountain Steak & Seafood in Utah. He used this opportunity to conquer his fear of rejection and shyness. He spent almost 5 years working to improve his sales and people skills until he became one of the companies top sales people.

Still young and looking to further his career, he moved his wife and baby to Tulsa Oklahoma where he took a job with Mathis Brothers Furniture as a sales person. Brent had always thought about selling furniture from when he took 4 years of wood shop class in high school. There Brent developed a knowledge, fondness and appreciation for fine furniture. He loved selling furniture and he quickly became Mathis Brothers Furniture's (Tulsa Store) top sales person (of over 80 sales people) 4 years in a row. He was offered a sales management position 2 different times but turned down the opportunity to continue making more money as a sales person.

In the middle of his 5th year with Mathis Brothers he started to feel it was time to move on. Just about that time, he was offered a sales management position by one of his customers he had just sold furniture too from California. His customer owned a hard drive data recovery service called ADR Data Recovery. Brent had never even heard of hard drive data recovery before but loved the idea of leading their sales team. Brent took the job because he felt it was an opportunity to move his career forward. Most importantly, the company was in the process of moving their headquarters to Montana where Brent had always dreamed of living and raising his family. In 2008 Brent took the job and moved his family to Montana to become the sales manager for ADR Data Recovery.

In the years to follow, he spent time learning and expanding his sales and marketing skills. He spent months learning how to build websites on the side and built his first website for his wife's goat milk soap business. He continued to learn more about internet marketing and he launched and managed ADR's Google local business listings campaign. This helped increase sales dramatically for ADR in just a few months. In his 4th year at ADR, three of their data recovery technicians quit. This left the company in a bind so Brent stepped in and worked diligently to learn the art of data recovery. Out of necessity, Brent became the companies lead engineer and moved the company's data recovery capabilities forward dramatically in a very short time. However, the companies sales started to decline while Brent continued to hone his skills as a data recovery engineer. He lead R&D efforts and learned how to recover hard drives that other professional data recovery services had called unrecoverable. In the 6th year with ADR, sales continued to decline and Brent could see the company going in a different direction. Brent finally decided it was time to leave. In the time working for ADR, Brent developed a love for data recovery. He loved helping people and businesses recover data they thought was gone forever. Before leaving ADR, Brent had decided to start his own data recovery company and the idea of File Savers was born.

The problem was, Brent didn't have any money or credit to get things started. He used his $6000 tax return to purchase two pieces of used data recovery equipment. He would need This equipment to help him recover the data from the mechanically failed hard drives he hoped to generate with his website marketing plan. Brent's wife and family were worried about their future, feeling like his plan would work, Brent continued to push forward on the website build for the next 3 months. Financially broke and with no one to turn too, Brent's father showed up from Utah with $2000 cash that he really didn't have the luxury of parting with.

Brent chose not to use any of that money for his business. Instead he used the money to pay the important bills due, put gas in the cars and food on the table for his family. Brent finally launched the website in June of 2014 and by the end of the month it started to gain traction. He was able to generate a few thousand dollars in sales keeping the business going until more sales would come. By the end of July, Brent was able to sign a lease on a building and get File Savers out of his house. In the following months, Brent paid his father back and invested nearly every penny he could back into the business to purchase more tools and equipment, build the clean room, remodel the building and purchase marketing supply's.

In the early part of 2016 Brent has developed a thriving business with multiple employees. In it's first full year, File Savers did almost 1,000,000 in business and spent almost nothing on marketing. Brent is now working hard on a plan to double in size by the end of 2016.
Brent Curtis Jackson
President / Owner
File Savers Data Recovery



2086 Highway 93
Suite 100
Victor, Montana
United States

Areas of Expertise:
data recovery
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