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 Matthew J. Opdyke is a retired military intelligence professional and science fiction author. He seeks to inspire the masses with ideas that revolve around well-being and quality of life. 
Matthew J. Opdyke was born at Stanford University Hospital, California, and adopted at the age of nine. Loving parents mentored, coached, and trained him, and life became filled with hope and wonder. Working hard, studying, playing after chores were complete, and becoming an Eagle Scout further tempered his young character. He lived in Uruguay for two years, served as a missionary for a wonderful church, and met many lovely people there.

With great respect for the past, yet moving on, he found himself as an author of futuristic science fiction and fantasy novels and books that edify and inspire, after retiring from the military with seventeen years of service. Having served in several extra duties and having learned Spanish and some Indonesian, he learned to love the people of this world ten times over. Shortly after meeting his wife, he finished his Bachelor of Applied Science in Management with Summa Cum Laude honors. Since his youth, Matt has worked as a youth worker at Scout camp, in pear sheds, for retail companies, financial service companies, for a telephone company, construction companies, sheet-metal shops, various odd jobs, served in the US Air Force, to protect, rather than harm, and he has witnessed fantastic leadership and in some instances management where the revolving door was the hallmark, to say the least.

As he pored through biotechnology, neuroscience, and theoretical physics books galore, Matt began to ask why he hadn't heard about this or that before, especially if it could help so many. Matt then developed a story arch and breathed life into numerous characters for his very first series of books tackling some of the intriguing questions of the day, and allowing it to take place in a less than ideal environment, much like what we experience daily, while also creating a future that we could all hope for and can attain, if we but read, become curious, inventive, and inspire each other, by recognizing the best within each of us. His main refrain is “be kind, always.”

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Matthew J. Opdyke is moved by our beautiful Universe and all that it has to offer. He seeks to display a confident, noble, and inspiring message throughout his writings to the masses of our vast civilization. Encouraged for many years by those who teach, lead, and mentor others in a manner that fosters innovation, he endeavors to imbue the main characters of his novels with many unique traits that lead to individual empowerment, as well as overall well-being and meaningful purpose, despite background or environmental influences. We can transcend from here with a belief in the preservation of life, our world, and every life-giving system we know throughout humanity. From our phenomenal world, Earth, to our Moon, the planets orbiting our Sun, to the distant stars and the complexity of their networks, Matthew J Opdyke has been curious about the sciences that govern their existence and strengths for decades. Within these sciences lie the tools that will help us to safely and, in some cases, dangerously and daringly explore it all!

He often asks, how can we brave the effects of interstellar radiation, so we do not die from its exposure? How can we travel without gravity, so our skeletal structures do not become too porous and cause our frames to be too weak to carry our weight? How can we mimic the effects of gravity, to allow humanity to explore outer space for long periods while maintaining strength and clarity of mind? There are so many questions to ask, and there are many answers. Some answers are considered the "hard truth" based on what we know today. Many ideas seem so far from reality, and they are considered the fantasies of the mad. Other answers dare to explore possibilities, imagine scenarios, and write about how humanity can cope in its earnest desire for long-term survival, as we begin to span the Cosmos.

Our Earth is beautiful, and until now, we can only make highly intelligent guesses as to whether or not this is a genuinely unique setting throughout the entirety of our Universe. Are we the only sentient humanoids, in existence? Are there other places that allow evolution to take place gifting its inhabitants with sentience? If so, do they evolve like many within our world to have a desire to continue to exist? Do they care for other beings quite different from their own?

Many questions lie at the precipice of humanity's promise toward the future, and these questions are those that Matthew J Opdyke dares to entertain. Enjoy each character in his stories, with science fiction, fantasy, and space opera imbued into each booklet, book, and novel. Sometimes he dares to stick to the rules. At other times he dares to be creative and imaginative to come up with solutions to the issues that affect us today so that we can move forward tomorrow. Read, listen, and dare to dream!
Matthew James Opdyke
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