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 Mike Harrison has been providing Fortune 500 clients with effective communication via the spoken word for more than 25 years. His knack for making even the complex sound simple is a credibility he calls 'Excellence in Explanation.' 
Wired from day one, Mike became hooked on radio at the age of nine. Next, an exhibit at the 1964-65 World’s Fair planted the seed of voice-over. A studio he built at home is where – after a lot of reading – he taught himself recording and editing techniques. During junior high school, Mike joined the highly revered (not) A/V squad. He was popular at school dances, not because he knew all the latest moves, but because he made sure the music kept playing. At age 16, he wrote, voiced and produced his first radio commercial.

Mike’s been voicing and/or producing audio professionally since 1973, beginning as Copywriter and Production Director at a radio station in the New York City suburbs, where he also began developing character voices. Shortly after, while remaining in radio part-time, a multimedia production firm hired him as in-house Narrator and Audio Producer. For a broad variety of Fortune 500 companies, Mike worked on a daily basis with writers, art directors and photographers to create corporate identity pieces, product launches, training modules and national sales meetings. What has become Mike’s specialty – his ability to understand their very often technical and/or jargon-laden scripts and convey them in a familiar, conversational tone – was so appreciated by clients that they rarely attended narration recording sessions.

In the five years at a small ad agency he co-founded, the commercials Mike wrote, voiced, and produced aired scores of times weekly on the highest rated New York City radio stations. He shared two Finalist awards for concept, copy, and production in 1985’s International Radio Festival of New York.

Returning to corporate communications, Mike not only again voiced and produced audio tracks, but also co-directed video shoots and post-production sessions. After a decade as Production Director and Air Talent at several radio stations, he now focuses on providing a wide variety of effective communications in the form of voice acting, narrations and character voices for a broad spectrum of clients and applications.

Stepping out from behind the microphone in late 2008, and without any prior experience, a cold audition read landed Mike his first stage role in a regional production of ‘The Rainmaker.’
Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison Voiceover Services




United States

Areas of Expertise:
Credible narration and voice-acting
Audio recording/editing/production
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