deZengo Moore

Creative Director

Marketing / Graphic Design

 Ms. Moore is responsible for the overall artistic integrity and continuity of the magazine, web sites and printed materials. Additionally, as the Health & Wellness Editor she writes a monthly editorial, does the layout and creates accompanying videos. 
deNise Moore (deZengo), born in Bristol TN, has always felt the heartbeat of her Cherokee brothers and sisters. She has spent her life seeking a peaceful existence in harmony with nature. Much of her adult life has been exploring venues for insight into the “complete” human experience – from numerous religious observations to all things metaphysical and spiritual; the explained and unexplainable. It was obvious at an early age money was NOT the motivating factor. Thus her stay in the corporate prison was short but life changing!

She considers herself a “renaissance woman” loving all forms of creative expression and seeing divine synchronicity in each magical aspect of life! Ms. Moore continues to discover fresh new ways to use her passion and talent in ways that align with the inner calling. As an artist, photographer, graphic designer, art director, consultant, yoga studio owner / teacher, social activist, community volunteer, breast cancer survivor there is ample opportunity to serve humanity. Her greatest achievement has been raising two teenage boys as a single parent and planting seeds for change while simultaneously learning how to reconnect with her own inner spirit. Using personal challenges and adversity for growth and spiritual evolution, her life is a tool for teaching.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle with a degree in advertising, marketing & design. Ms. Moore has also attended :: the University North Carolina at Asheville, Bee County Community College and the University of Maryland. Her writing, digital art and marketing campaigns have been published internationally and locally. Ms. Moore continues to donate time & talent to organizations and people that are doing GO(o)D things as her way to give back and serve humanity. She volunteers for/with the following: the American Cancer Society, Friends of Fall Creek Falls State Park, the Natural Answer Wellness Center, and several other worthwhile local businesses!

Additionally, she has begun work on her first book, Bootcamp for Life : A Survivors Handbook. A celebration of effective ways to gracefully deal with tragedy, adversity, pain, loneliness etc… a handbook with tips and information regarding HOW-To navigate safely through the waters of life. She is the founder of the Authentic SELF clothing line which promotes a healthy body image for breast cancer survivors through clothing that accommodates their special needs while allowing their natural beauty to shine through. The line begins with active wear that demonstrates comfort, function and beauty for our survivors!

Currently, Ms. Moore is the Health & Wellness Editor for OM-Times Magazine, a regular monthly contributor as well as providing artwork and designs. She is the founder of the SACREDspace Studio located within the Natural Answer Wellness Center (as a pilot studio for Humanity Healing International) bringing yoga to the masses and healing to ALL. As the local deKombucha Health Tea brewer, she also shares her knowledge of a drink that is “now” considered a wonder drink and the drink of the year with her community.

Her daily mantra, “Just do what needs to BE done!”
deZengo Moore
Creative Director
Marketing / Graphic Design
Omtimes magazine



9947 Hull Street Road, Suite 117

Richmond, Virginia
United States

Areas of Expertise:
Advertising & Marketing
Graphic Design
Yoga & Zumba
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