Linda Harley


 Purple Pixie Studio's Dr. Linda Harley has been the lone "geek girl" for all of her life. With two engineering degrees and a PhD in applied physiology, she is used to being on the cutting edge of technology. 
Dr. Linda Harley
Dr. Linda Harley has a strong desire to tell empowering and engaging stories by leveraging new technologies. As a child, when she was supposed to be taking a nap, she would instead sit for hours telling herself stories of fantastical worlds using her fingers for characters and imagining that she was off on an adventure. Linda reads and reviews on average 100 books a year, and has published one short story, one full length novel and is working on her second novel. She is an accomplished musician and holds a grade 7 diploma in piano from the Royal School of Music. Linda graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelors of Engineering in 2002, MS in 2004, and a PhD in 2011. Her post-doctoral work focused on understanding the behavioral psychology of how people interact with technology, in order to develop user interfaces that are more engaging and user friendly. She has over 15 years experience in software development and interactive media, such as designing a Wii game based on rehabilitation principles to help stroke survivors. She has published over 30 articles and papers spanning a range of topics in interactive media and human computer interaction. Linda's dream is to merge creative art with technology, to tell stories in new and interesting ways.

Linda thrives in environments that are fast paced, unpredictable, and requires her to constantly make decisions. She is used to working with celebrities, while managing a budget, and keeping her staff focused and motivated. Linda has ample experience setting visions and goals, yet has the keen ability to pay attention to the details to ensure that quality work and products are produced ever time. Linda's deepest core value is integrity, i.e. being honest and direct with everyone she crosses paths with, doing exactly what she promised, and even going beyond the call of what is expected. Her commitment to creating a high quality product that will knock the socks of her customers, is what keeps fans coming back time and again.
Linda Harley
Purple Pixie Studio



Atlanta, Georgia
United States

Areas of Expertise:
Technical Innovation
Art and Technology
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