Lucy Williamson


 Lucy Williamson created Rootflage out of necessity. She found that nothing really worked to cover her roots, so she created a quick and easy solution that actually worked and allowed her to camouflage her roots between salon appointments. 
Meet the World's #1 Most Epic Blonde Root Expert of All Time!

Yep, I earned this badge because I have had my hair just about every shade of blonde there is. I have had my hair highlighted light blonde, dark blonde, yellow blonde, ash blonde, platinum blonde, cool blonde, warm blonde. I have saddled up to Sun In and loved on lemon juice, had choice-chunky highlights, luscious lowlights, baylage, ombre, as well as serious-solid-overall-blonde color and spent my stash on store bought "home jobs" name it, I did it, all in the name of ultimate blondness! I totally get the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep it takes to keep this non-natural blonde looking effortlessly blonde and breezy. Battling my roots every 3 weeks is a task. But if I can't get in to see my favorite colorist at the salon (or eh em, I can’t afford it) I am forced to make a tough decision.
I really don't want to have do another "at home" dye job with sub-par results. Sooo. Do I play roulette with a practical stranger and trust her with my hair just to come home and have a pity party for myself at the results, all because I was being impatient and slightly impulsive over my roots? Maybe I should just shave it off! Personally, I learned the hard way that it is not worth the devastation to make such over the top decisions no matter how you dice it. I knew there had to be another way!
I began to I look and look for an easy quick fix solution to cover my roots. Something that works well enough to get me by until I could get back into the salon. When I looked there wasn't a decent root touch up solution A N Y W H E R E. Weird, right? So out of a necessity for myself, I came up with my own blonde solution. Rootflage blonde root touch up! And the beauty of it is, Rootflage doesn't just work for me, it will work for you too! No really!! Rootflage will work for you because I understand you, my fellow blonde. I know what it is like when you need the answer now.
Rootflage is awesome because it goes on in seconds, gives instant blonde coverage, and it feels oh-so-light in your hair. One bottle of Rootflage will last you for 20 applications. Truthfully... it will probably last you way longer than that. Rootflage will save you so much money and time that you can start saving your hard earned money for that trip to Tahiti you have been desperately wanting to take. Do yourself a favor and make your life super happy and effortless. And let's face it, you deserve easy and awesome. You win with Rootflage. Save cash and stay blonde longer.
Lucy Williamson


San Clemente, California
United States

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