Jessica Abraham

Internet Marketing Specialist

 Jessica N. Abraham is an Internet Marketing Consultant that specializes in the areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing. 
Jessica N. Abraham is an Internet Marketing Consultant that specializes in the areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing while utilizing extreme Internet Marketing Strategies, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and the "Promotions Web (Barter Marketing)." She is the owner and founder of Shorty Produkshins, an Online Promotions Company that claims the subsidiaries of J. Abraham Consultants, Royalty Connected, EnvisionedTV, the Envisionment Network,, Arab Women Empowered (A.W.E.) and the Jessica N. Abraham Internet Marketing Blog.

Shortly after completing an Associate of Science Degree in Recording Arts, she went on to receive a Bachelor's in Entertainment Business and Law (which has been since recoined "Entertainment Business"). Here, she began to learn the ins and outs of the Entertainment Industry that she had not been forced to experience on her own journey. She learned specialized means of deployment strategies and promotional techniques. She applied these lessons to her company as it had been expanding simultaneously with her education.

Shorty Produkshins originated as a record label with an attached studio, familiar to clients as Shorty's Playground. As time elapsed, Jessica Abraham became more interested in the communications, social nature, promotional and marketing aspects that Shorty Produkshins could offer the public.

In 2008, Shorty Produkshins began to develop into an Online Promotions Company, working with labels, Sand Street Music/Universal Music Group and Murphy Boys Entertainment, leading to work with artists like Nicolette (LL Cool J's female protégé), International Money (African Artist). The Atlanta Arts Stimulus Program, and a few major brands, and Non Profit Organizations began to enlist her services, as well. It was also this year that Jessica Abraham received Executive Producer credit on five summer releases through Sand Street Music/Universal Music Group.

Satisfied with previous education at Full Sail University with an Associates Degree in Recording Arts and a Bachelor's in Entertainment Business and Law (since changed to Entertainment Business), Jessica decided to return to her alma mater for continued education.

In 2009 and 2010, Shorty Produkshins evolved completely into an Online Promotions Company and demonstrated specialized Social Branding and Event Marketing strategies to clients of many backgrounds. Shorty Produkshins continued to work with musicians, labels, Non Profit Organizations, charities, small businesses, events, clubs and clothing venues, including a Halloween Block Party for Animal Safe House of Brevard County through Natura Cafe and in Orlando, FL.

Relocating to Orlando, FL from Pittsburgh and Atlanta, Jessica re-established herself within the local community by working with local artists like Poetic of Treal, events like a weekly "Chris Kirkpatrick hosts THE TREND at Rok Room (ONLINE PROMOTION OF)," and sponsoring events like the Florida Music Festival, while promoting the event itself through social platforms and advanced Internet Marketing techniques. Through these activities, she realized the importance of furthering her education in Internet Marketing techniques and once again, returned to Full Sail University Online.

Since returning to school, Shorty Produkshins has become an "in-demand" promotions company. Jessica Abraham's "work-a-holic" behavior led her to creating a new entity, calling it J. Abraham Consultants. She continues working with high profile clientele to this day, while working as an outsourced specialist to marketing firms Nationwide, through Non Disclosure practices. She continues to drive her own company into furthered success and has since created multiple subsidiaries of Shorty Produkshins, including a business and leadership focused EnvisionedTV (with an attached Envisionment Network), the SP2 Organization prepared for the youth who are interested in the in the world of the Entertainment Industry, A.W.E. -- an empowerment network for Arab American Women, the Royalty Connected promotions web, the Jessica N. Abraham Internet Marketing Blog and a few others.

Since re-establishing herself in Orlando, FL, she received three more Master's Degrees. Two of them are Master of Science Degrees in Entertainment Business and Internet Marketing. The latest is a Master of Fine Arts in Media Design. She continues to engage audiences Worldwide in introducing them to new events, brands, services and products. With the recent new additions, her reach into the world of Social Branding is gaining great popularity. Yet, she continues to evolve amongst the ripple of ever-changing technology in keeping up-to-date and ahead of common practices within the Internet Marketing Industries.
Jessica Abraham
Internet Marketing Specialist
Shorty Produkshins



Orlando, Florida
United States

Areas of Expertise:
Internet Marketing
Social Branding
Event Marketing
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