Shani A Faure

Chief Public Relations Strategist

Public Relations

 Shani Faure is the CEO of Stilettos and Sounds - Stylishly Loud Events & PR. She has incorporated her experience in fashion, music, and events to make the world a Stylishly Loud place to be. She is "On Point Like a Stiletto" 
Miss Shani was bitten by the love bug of music at an early age. As a child watching the 80′s TV Show “Solid Gold”, Shani knew she wanted to play an integral role in entertainment. Born in Brooklyn and having participated in the YMCA and Girl Scouts, the seed of promoting strong self-esteem and growth as well as community involvement and responsibility was planted early. And the concept and desire to give back by being the change she wanted to see in the world continues to this day. While attending John Bowne High School in the Center for Writing she contributed to the newspaper and magazine, all the while studying dance, music and athletics.

After her freshman year at Johnson C. Smith University in 1997, she transferred to Morgan State University making the decision to study Hospitality, where her forward thinking attitude, work ethic and determination saw her appointed as President of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality for three consecutive years. The organizational and interpersonal skills that allowed Miss Shani to excel in this post also seeded in her a desire and affinity for entrepreneurship, while maintaining her love of music and entertainment, and by 1999, having held a myriad of titles, trip and event planner, party promoter and DJ Manager, she was prepared for a new challenge. Making a decision to explore the modeling world, Shani credits Robert C. Stephens with helping her truly define the “art of modeling” from a model and a business perspective. She worked on her runway training under Models with Monique and was soon the go to person for runway and photo shoot training. Always one to push the limits of her passions, she was soon offering services for Portfolio Development for clothing designers, photographers and models.

September 23, 2004, Shani attended a moGALs event that offered her the exclusive opportunity to meet face to face with Terrie Williams. Meeting with the “Oprah Winfrey” of PR at this moGALs event she received guidance and mentoring from her. Terrie Williams said, “You have a beautiful spirit. Stay Strong, God Bless” This was THE major influence and inspiration to launch Stilettos and Sounds under the mentoring and guidance of Mr. Ted Moffatt CEO of OCE Consulting.

Embracing her natural talents, in 2005 Miss Shani combined her love of fashion and music with her knowledge of the inner workings of arts and entertainment, embarking on her next endeavor, crafting Stilettos & Sounds, LLC. Specializing in representation and consulting services for various talents and businesses throughout the arts and entertainment industry, she has fused her personality, interpersonal skills and work ethic to create a brand that provides Stylishly Loud Events, PR, & Marketing.

Coming into her own, 2006 would be a pivotal year for Shani. Losing her cousin to gang related violent crime, she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes but received the blessing of her life, her son. Upheaval can unexpectedly spark growth and the woman that would emerge from this period speaks to Ms. Shani’s strength, drive and character. As the daughter of a Democratic delegate, Miss Shani was at the forefront of the mobilization in Queens for the Barack Obama Campaign, living her commitment to community and involvement, working even harder to build her client base by diversifying and seeking out undiscovered talent as well as solidifying relationships with different community organizations.

Currently Miss Shani is an Entrepreneur and a Mother, working towards building better communities and futures through positive reinforcement of strong values, integrity and hard work. Tying in fundraisers and community events with arts & entertainment. She is the true definition of her name Shani Asha – “Marvelous Life”. Pay attention to this young woman as she continues to leave her mark through Stilettos & Sounds LLC and her belief that if we all contribute and do our part we can make the future a brighter, better and Stylishly Loud place to be!
Shani A Faure
Chief Public Relations Strategist
Public Relations
Stilettos and Sounds LLC





New York, New York
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