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 Peter Harper is the Founder of the Drunken Monk Project. His experience of nearly 40 years brings an accessible and modern understanding of Personal Development, using simple techniques for Self Realisation, with audio, music and the practice of presence. 
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Peter Harper is the Founder of the Drunken Monk Project that was launched in December 2018 together with his partner Veronika Kremenova. The project is dedicated to making understandable and accessible spiritual practice by bringing together a modern approach to meditation and western psychology. The intention is to help people find peace and creative satisfaction within the context of a demanding modern lifestyle.

Harpers work includes the production of Conscious Music. Each track has been carefully produced to support a relaxed, alert and focused state of consciousness. The main focus in his direct guidance, is The Practice of Presence and the Enlightenment Intensive process, also known as ‘Satori’ or ‘Awakening’, as developed by Charles Berner in the 1960’s. This he has found to be the most effective process to know directly a state of Self Realisation.

In 1986 Peter Harper started working with BinAural sound and light machines in guided meditations he was hosting in India and Europe. Over time, with his understanding of Brain wave frequencies, binaural technology, sound engineering and meditation techniques, was born the idea to bring together a cohesive process to facilitate a state of Self Realisation in a modern format. This process he now presents in creative short one day and longer intensive workshops, which he delivers to both the public and private sectors.

Harper has repeatedly noticed that states of meditation can be achieved through a combination of focused enquiry and presence techniques. He uses these techniques together with sound to achieve a rapid and lasting change in consciousness. This often results in a deeper understanding of the psychological issues that hinder achieving a productive, creative and healthy lifestyle in modern society. The result is often a deeper and lasting state of change coupled with a deeper and empowering self understanding.

Harpers personal journey started in the 1980’s with frequent trips to India in order to understand the Eastern approach to meditation and Self Realisation. In the 90’s his work experience ranged from running night clubs in Hamburg, Germany to the corporate environment of major companies in Europe in the early years of the new millennium. His work progressively deepened to explore and develop team strategies to optimise work satisfaction and business success through an understanding of Self.

He is currently working full time on the Drunken Monk Project, working mostly in Europe. He is based in both London and Northern Italy, where he has his Project Recording Studio and is a regular teacher at a local retreat centre in Quarna Sopra. His research continues and he is developing his teachings into a training course for others.
Peter Harper
The Drunken Monk


London City, London, Greater

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