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 TruthPoint Videos are produced in greater Austin, Texas by best-selling Messianic author and researcher, Eliyahu ben David, and his team of dedicated volunteers who serve Yeshua Messiah daily. 
Eliyahu ben David is known by many as an anointed researcher and teacher of the Scriptures and related subjects. His ministry experience includes a wide range of venues over several decades, such as; personal ministry on four continents, establishing and teaching home and group fellowships, ministering to congregations and groups of varied persuasions, and public speaking at conventions, meetings, seminars and other events. Eliyahu is best known, however, for his global radio outreach on AM, FM, Satellite, Shortwave, Podcasting, and Tsiyon Road Internet Radio. On the Road to Tsiyon, a weekly radio program heard in over 100 countries for over a decade, is produced and hosted by Eliyahu, with the capable and pleasant assistance of his co-host, Dawn. More recently, Eliyahu began producing and hosting Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash-a line-by-line, verse-by-verse Torah study. He also offers an online complete Advanced Torah Studies course, as well as offering Tsiyon Academy scholar and apprentice opportunities for others to minister too.

Eliyahu ben David is a best-selling author and is currently credited with three Zarach Publishing titles. These include Holy Order Restored, ISBN 0-9679471-1-1, which is a best-seller in its category and rated 5 stars at Amazon. Eliyahu authored The Messianic Revelation Series Volume 1, Announcing: Judgment Day, ISBN 978-09679471-3-6, also a best-seller in its category at Amazon. Eliyahu’s latest release, also available at Amazon, is titled: Tsiyon Edition Targum Isaiah in English with Parallel Jewish and Christian Texts, ISBN 978-0-9679471-2-9, which is abbreviated as Tsiyon Targum Isaiah (TTI). Eliyahu also authors e-books, articles and a newsletter, and oversees Tsiyon Academy, an online Bible training school.

Eliyahu and his volunteer team have also added filmmaking to the methods of outreach listed above. Currently, 6 DVD titles have been produced and are currently available. These are: Tsiyon Dedication: Stories of Faith Producing Fruit, War on the Saints, Beasts of Daniel Surfacing, Remnant Exodus, and Prophetic Fulfillments Just Ahead and Darwinian Evolution Junk Science. He has also produced line-by-line, verse-by-verse video teaching on every verse of the Gospels and the Leviticus Protocol series examining the Biblical basis for hope during COVID19.

For decades Eliyahu has had something to say, and he has been saying it in multiple ways. By reading Eliyahu’s books, listening to his radio programs, and viewing his videos, joining Tsiyon Academy as a student, you will discover unvarnished truth, often from a Biblically Hebraic perspective, that listeners, readers and viewers say sets Eliyahu ben David apart from other teachers.

-Zarach, Publisher Bio
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