Andrew Curtiss

Author, Pro Fighter, Owner / Academy of Combat

 Andy is a Pro Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, former Green Beret, Combat Vet, with over 25 years in the martial arts. He holds multiple blackbelts and is a published author of 2 books. He Owns The Academy of Combat Application Techniques in Fort Worth Texas.  
Andrew Curtiss is a former US Army Special Forces “Green Beret”; with Combat experience in Afghanistan. Mr. Curtiss also served on an amphibious reconnaissance team while serving in the Army’s elite “Long Range Surveillance Company” (F. Company LRS). Andrew was nominated for the Silver Star for bravery in combat against a determined enemy in Afghanistan. Mr. Curtiss was also awarded the Bronze Star with a “V” device for uncommon valor for his actions in Afghanistan.

Andrew is known for his lead by example approach and has been on well over 200 combat missions resulting in the capture or destruction of enemy personnel or equipment. He is trained in rural, desert, urban, amphibious and convoy operations and has been trained in Executive protection driving and shooting techniques as well as counter surveillance methods. He has been cross trained in the following skill sets; Medical (having conducted live tissue training exercises 6 times in his career), Demolitions and Communications. His areas of experience are Africa and the Middle East. Mr. Curtiss’ additional duties while in both F Company LRS and Operational Detachment Alpha’s 325 and 326 were tactical firearms trainer and combatives instructor. Mr. Curtiss served in the US Army for 11 Years.

Andrew is a professional licensed Mixed Martial Artist with the Association of Boxing Commissions; and published author of 2 books; "Combat Applications Techniques: Principles of Destruction" and "1984 Redux: Say Hello to Big Brother". Both of His books are copyrighted and registered to the Library of Congress. Combat Application Techniques: Principles of Destruction is a book based on a Combatives program which he developed as the Combatives Instructor for his Special Forces A-Team while serving on ODA 326.

Mr. Curtiss holds a 3rd Degree Black belt in Taekwondo under the Northern Martial Arts Association, as well as a 2nd Degree, Black belt in Shurite Kempo under the Former American Independent Karate Association. He is ranked in Muay Thai under Surichai SirIsute and has over 24 years of Folk Style and Greco Roman Wrestling training. Mr. Curtiss has trained with 1996 Olympian Jason Gleasman and 1984 and1988 Olympic Runner up Dan Severn in Wrestling. Mr. Curtiss has over 15 years of Martial Arts and Women’s Awareness/ Self Protection Instructor experience and over 10 years, experience as a Military Combatives and Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor. Mr. Curtiss has trained various military and law enforcement units. He is an expert author for "Ezine articles" and His columns are "The Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner and The Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner". Mr. Curtiss holds certifications as a Sports trainer and Nutritionist with "Expert Rating" status.
Andrew Curtiss
Author, Pro Fighter, Owner / Academy of Combat
The Academy of Combat Application Techniques



5840 A Jacksboro Hwy
Fort Worth Texas, 76114
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Areas of Expertise:
Martial Arts and Combat Sports
Sports Athletics and Athletic Performance
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