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Since 2004, Butch Hamilton, The Wildcat SEO Master, has been in the process of honing, redesigning, rethinking, visualizing, creating, contemplating, organizing, shedding unneeded and unwanted ideas about SEO and basically coming to the realization that search engine optimization services are one of the most critical elements needed for anyone seeking to gain a strong, long lasting and positive profile on the web

Literally no one working on the web today has created more original, thought provoking, insightful, intelligent and widely read content than Butch Hamilton. Some call him a rogue SEO agent, while others call him a genius, whichever way the reader wants to interpret that statement, Hamilton far exceeds in service, the meager prices that he charges for his unique, one of a kind search engine optimization service.

What Is Search Engine Optimization and Why Do You Need it?
If you are in business on the world wide web, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other major search engines of the Internet, are the places where your information will be found. The fact is very clear; however, that unless you know how to properly construct that piece of valuable digital information, no one will ever see your site, no one will buy from your site, and all the money that you spent in preparing, implementing, thinking about, dreaming about will all be for nothing. Unless you KNOW how to promote a website online, NO ONE will ever see the site, respond to your latest sale items, or see anything about who you are, what you do, what you have for sale or anything else. In other words, your business will simply die on the vine.

SEO Is...
SEO, search engine optimization is the process of creating original, readable, intelligent and sought after information and placing that information in specific keyword areas where people are searching for that information. In other words, think about how YOU search on Google. What words do YOU place into a Google search box to find information? This is exactly what this whole process of SEO is all about. Placing your website in the location where people will find that information, use that information and contact you for a product, service or something that you are offering to them. Search engine optimization is the slow, steady, calculated, carefully orchestrated process of first, seeing that the website has all the proper content, coding, images and other needed information to even be seen on the Internet, and then secondly, adding keyword specific content via blogs, forums, social media groups, press releases, imaging services and all other digital masterpieces that you should have in order, to create a positive and long lasting profile on the Internet for your dream business model.

SEO Is Not...
Credible and long lasting SEO, search engine optimization is not some mystical, magical software download that you can buy for an amount of money, and instantly drive traffic and visitors to your website. Oh, there are those on the web right now that advertise all sorts of these types of programs, and even so called SEO gurus, offer their so called "unique" traffic generating services for a fee. Most of this is nothing but lies and liars trying to get you to spend your money, for not one single thing. If you fall victim to the millions of scams and lies on the web right now, then all I can say is, you knew what you were doing when you bought into the lie. You have no one to blame but yourself. Real time SEO is all about original content, and NO ONE creates original content for websites like Butch Hamilton, and that is a fact!

Can You Handle Real SEO Work
That question is a many faceted one that does deserve some attention. People think that the web is a quickly moving entity, and things happen very fast in the year 2017. They believe that they can hire some SEO expert, and in few days or weeks, they will start seeing traffic, start getting responses, and will earn massive amounts of cash, for no effort at all. One words fits this phrase...WRONG! There are no quick fixes in this business, and I do not care who you talk with, or what so called SEO guru you consult with. Credible, reliable, stable and long lasting profile building using proven and stable SEO services like Butch Hamilton provides his paying clients, is the ONLY true way to gain a strong presence on the web.

When you are ready to begin the process of finding the RIGHT SEO MASTER to do business with, then view the image below and contact Butch Hamilton-The Wildcat SEO Master for all of your online business advertising.

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